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Credit Card Fraud

  • Never give out personal or account information unless you initiate the call, even if the caller already knows a lot of information about you. The scam artist could have some information about you but need more information to complete the scam.

  • If you’re suspicious of the caller, tell them you’ll return their call later. Don’t call the phone number they give you. Call us at 330-493-8325 and ask for the caller by name. This allows you to confirm whether the caller really is a SFCU representative.

  • If a caller warns you about scams and offers to protect your accounts “for a small fee,” hang up. We do not sell fraud insurance because cardholder liability is already limited on our VISA and MasterCard Cash & Check Card.

  • If something doesn’t sound legitimate, it probably isn’t. If you’re unsure, call us. We’re always happy to help.

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