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Debit Card Safety

The following suggestions are helpful tips to keep both you and your money safe when using an ATM:

  • Prepare your ATM transaction at home (such as filling out a deposit slip) to minimize your time at the ATM. Have your ATM card and other items in-hand and ready to go. Avoid digging through your wallet or purse while at the ATM.

  • Protect your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Donít write it down and do not keep it with your ATM card.

  • When using an ATM, be mindful of your surroundings. Look out for suspicious activity, be sure the site (including walkways and parking lot) are well-lit.  If you notice anything that makes you uncomfortable, go to another location.

  • If possible, take someone with you when you make a transaction. But donít accept assistance from anyone.

  • Wait until you are home, or in secure surroundings, to count your money.

  • Take your ATM transaction slips with you. Do not leave them behind or throw them in the ATM trash as they contain important account information.

  • If you lose your ATM card or if it is stolen, or you lose your PIN, notify your credit union immediately by calling 327-9461.



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