Other Rates

Signature Rates As Low As 9.49% APR!*

For a personalized rate quote, call 330-493-7602
during business hours or toll-free 866-467-0427
any other time day or night.

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Share Secured Loans
(secured by regular shares)*
3.25% APR
All terrain vehicles, jet skies, wave runners, snow mobiles, mopeds, motorcycle side cars and trailers**Rates are based upon our Personalized Lending Program auto rates, plus 1% APR.

All rates are subject to change. Rates effective 2/22/18.

* Loans secured by CD's are 3% above the Share Certificate rate. Must mature when the Share Certificate does.

** Secure with title or UCC1
*** Rates are calculated by Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The estimated monthly payment can be calculated by using our calculator and entering the amount you wish to borrow, the loan term you request and the appropriate interest rate for the loan purpose that you wish to borrow.