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How to Create a Budget in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re always wondering how you’re going to pay the next bill, feel guilty when you indulge in overpriced treats and you just can’t find money to put into savings, you might need a budget. A budget will help you gain financial awareness, which will help facilitate more responsible decisions. Here are 6 easy steps…
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How will my Insurance Premiums be Affected by a Car Crash?

Q: I’ve recently been involved in a car crash and I’m wondering what to expect as far as my insurance rates. How big of an increase can I expect to see in my monthly premiums? A: In most cases, car insurance providers will add a surcharge to your monthly premiums following a car accident involving…
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Need To Catch Up From The Holidays Financially?

Who wouldn’t love some extra pocket money? Some freelance jobs don’t require any experience and can be done by practically anyone. Plus, some of them might pay you for tasks you’re already doing! These eight easy side hustles can help you pad your purse. 1. Play with dogs Why not earn some extra cash while…
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New Year, New Bank… Or Credit Union?

As a member of Stark FCU, you are uniquely positioned to manage your finances and watch your money grow on the best possible terms. Like a member of an elite club, you are entitled to exclusive privileges and individualized service, courtesy of your credit union. Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits…
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