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Helpful Tips for Saving on Heating Costs

As the outside temperature falls, we raise the temperature inside, and with it, heating costs go up, too. While peaceful white snowfall may be picturesque, the winter utility bills are not quite as pretty. If you’ve been to a gas station or store recently, you’ve seen first-hand how the 6.8% inflation rate is affecting prices…
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New Year, New Money Habits: How to Stick With It in 2022

Spend less, save more, pay down debt — how can you make 2022 the year you actually stick to these and other financial resolutions? To help answer that, we’ve compiled a list of tips. Set measurable goals Don’t just resolve to be better with money this year. Set realistic, measurable goals to help you stay…
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Your Complete Year-End Financial Checklist

As 2021 draws to a close, take a moment to go through this year-end financial checklist to ensure your finances are in order before the start of the New Year. 1. Review your budget Is your current monthly budget working for you? Are you stretching some spending categories or finishing each month in the red?…
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Don’t Answer Calls from These Area Codes

Robocalls are the worst. Easily, one the most annoying inventions of the 21st century. Unfortunately, those phone calls can do a lot more than just disrupt dinner. Using sophisticated spoofing methods and dogged persistence, they can swindle unsuspecting targets out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, using nothing but a phone. Here’s what you…
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