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Report Scams to the National Elder Fraud Hotline

With more and more older people becoming targets of scammers, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime instituted the National Elder Abuse Fraud Hotline. This is meant for people to report fraud against anyone age 60 or older. A 2020 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report says the most money lost in scams by older…
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Save Money When Shopping Online

It’s time to replace that rush you get from filling your virtual cart with the high that comes from saving a ton of money. Get ready to transform the way you shop online. Just. Wait. Online retailers are experts at getting you to go from “I-gotta-have-it” to “It’s-on-the-way-to-my-house” quicker than you can say “buyer’s remorse.”…
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What do I Need to Know About Debt Consolidation?

Q: Help! I’m drowning in debt! I’ve heard about debt consolidation, but what do I need to know before moving ahead? A: Debt consolidation is the process of moving multiple high-interest debts into a new loan or line of credit. Here’s what you need to know about debt consolidation. What are the benefits of debt consolidation?  Saving…
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5 Tips For Preparing a Post-College Budget

Leaving college often means the start of a new job, student loan debt to pay off, new living arrangements to pay for and other new expenses to cover. All of this means your finances will likely need an overhaul. It’s time to create your post-college budget. If you’ve been working with a budget throughout college,…
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