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Grocery Shop Smarter!

Don’t: Leave the House Hungry Only shop while on a full stomach. This way, you won’t buy to satisfy your lingering hunger pangs Do: Check Your Pantry and Fridge Before You Leave Make sure you know exactly what you have in the house before you head to the store. Don’t: Buy into Every Bargain Product…
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Cheap Vs. Expensive

Is it always smart to buy the least expensive item? The cheapest item is likely to be the cheapest in quality as well. It may fall apart. It may not function as well as something that’s better made (and more costly). You might end up having to buy the more expensive item after all. Buying…
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Do You Hang Out At The Mall?

Is it a good idea to go to the mall just to hang out with friends every day? When you’re just hanging out at the mall, you may buy something you don’t really want or need just because you’re there. Even if you don’t actually shop, you may find yourself spending money unnecessarily on food or drinks.…
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Consolidating Your Debt!

Using a personal loan to refinance your existing debt can make your debt more manageable. You’ll have one monthly payment at one interest rate instead of many smaller bills due on different days of the month. Read on to see if a personal loan work for you? 1.) Have I fixed the debt problem? Think about…
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