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Ways To Save On Gas

These are some ways that we have found preserve your gas and may help you save some cash in the long run: 1. Combine errands and trips 2. Service your car so it will stay at peak performance 3. Go lightly on the gas pedal 4. Don’t pump your brakes 5. Don’t idle for long…
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Gifts That Mean A Lot But Don’t Cost A Lot

Lost somewhere among the crumpled, glittery wrapping paper and excitement of the holiday season is the feeling of friendship and warmth that we want to share with others. Too often, however, that “warmth” becomes an overextended credit card bill and may even result in resentment as your holiday stress grows with each person on your…
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If you’ve successfully discussed money management with your child, and you feel your child is ready, consider teaching them the basics of investing. At the risk of oversimplifying an important concept, we bring you a discussion on investing that most children (age 8 and up) should have no problem following. You can share the article…
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Everyone wants your tax refund! Here’s a tip: say ‘no’ to them all! The only way you keep your ‘extra’ newfound cash is by saving it. Even better, invest it! Stark Federal Credit Union partners with Hackenberg Financial Group, a local financial advising firm. On April 18th they are hosting a free educational workshop around…
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