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How Long Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

A million dollars. For many people, it’s the pinnacle of financial success. For others, it’s just the first stepping stone toward their outrageous dreams. But how long does it take to actually reach that goal? How much would you need to save on a monthly basis to net a cool million? And, most importantly, is…
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Have You Tried Food Apps?

Got the nibbles after you’ve already changed into your PJs? A houseful of surprise guests when your fridge is practically bare? No need to run out and pick up a bite or limit your choices to restaurants that offer a delivery option. With the abundance of food delivery services in today’s market, all it takes…
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Your Complete Guide to Identity Theft!

Did you know there were 14.4 million victims of identity theft in 2018? According to Javelin Strategy, each case cost the victim an average of $1,050 — and that’s only the cost in dollars. When an individual’s identity is stolen, the thief wreaks major havoc on the victim’s financial health, which can take months, or…
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The Debt Snowball!

You’ve organized your debt, you’ve set up an emergency fund and you’re working on spending less. You’re now ready to start getting rid of that debt…for good! Choose the debt you’d like to pay down first. Financial expert Dave Ramsey suggests starting from the smallest debt and working your way up. You can also choose…
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