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7 Reasons to Buy an RV or Campervan

If you’re thinking of road-tripping your summer getaway, think RVs. Recreational vehicles and their close cousin, campervans, are growing increasingly popular as more families hit the road for a true American adventure that’s easier on the wallet and heavy on unique fun. Here are six reasons to buy an RV or a campervan: 1. Save…
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7 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Ready to hit the open road? Before you do, check out our budget-friendly road trip tips so you can set out in style and without breaking your budget! 1. Save on food costs  Here’s how to save on food costs during your road trip: Shop your local stores for staples before setting out. Get your…
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Don’t Get Caught in an Auto Warranty Scam

Another phone call, another scam. It can sometimes feel like scammers have some kind of competition going to see who can hit you with the most robocalls in a day. In fact, according to Truecaller, scams and robocalls account for 67% of all phone calls in the U.S. Each American will receive an average of 28…
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How will my Insurance Premiums be Affected by a Car Crash?

What should I do after an accident?  If you’ve been in a car accident, you may be wondering whether to involve your insurance provider or the authorities. If their was only minor vehicle damage in the accident at costs that are below or just above your deductible, it may be smarter to pay for the…
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