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DIY Halloween Decor

Don’t blow big bucks on your Halloween décor when you can DIY for a fraction of the price! Check out our list of creative, fun and inexpensive projects to make your home the spookiest haunt on the block. 1. The mummified door All you need for turning your front door into a bona fide mummy is a…
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When Does it Make Sense to Pay a Bill with a Credit Card?

Credit cards and debit cards offer incredible convenience; but, is it a smart idea to pay monthly bills with them? Choosing to pay a bill with a card can have a significant impact on your general financial wellness — for better or for worse. It’s important to consider the many variables of this decision before…
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Your Complete Guide to Using Your Credit Cards

Q: I’d love to improve my credit score, but I can’t get ahead of my payments. I also find that my spending gets out of control when I’m paying with plastic. How do I use my credit cards responsibly? A: Using your credit cards responsibly is a great way to boost your credit score and your financial…
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How Can I Protect Myself from Payment App Scams?

Q: I’ve heard there’s been an increase in scams through mobile payment apps, like Cash App. Can I continue using these apps safely? A: Yes, unfortunately, there has been an uptick in payment app scams, but that doesn’t mean you must stop using them. Here’s some info about these scams and how to protect yourself from being…
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