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How to Create a Budget in 6 Easy Steps

If you’re always wondering how you’re going to pay the next bill, feel guilty when you indulge in overpriced treats and you just can’t find money to put into savings, you might need a budget. A budget will help you gain financial awareness, which will help facilitate more responsible decisions. Here are 6 easy steps…
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How Men And Women Manage Money Differently

Over the last century or so, society has made tremendous strides toward gender equality on every level — and this includes basic money management. Today’s culture has further narrowed the gap between the sexes, and the caricatures of the “overspending wife” and “overworked husband” have nearly become extinct. Despite society’s advancements, there are still significant…
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All You Need To Know About Open Enrollment 2019

Open enrollment is here, so it’s time to think about your healthcare coverage. We’ve made it simple by answering the most commonly asked questions below.  When is open enrollment? Nov. 1, 2018: Open enrollment begins Dec. 15, 2018: Open enrollment ends Jan. 1, 2019: Plans sold during open enrollment become effective The states of California, Colorado, Massachusetts,…
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How to Spot Decoy Pricing

Retailers are always manipulating our spending habits. Every time you pick up some groceries, your choices are likely influenced by pricing tactics like BOGO (Buy One Get One free), anchoring (Their Price: $35.99; Our Price: $29.99) and high-end pricing (Chef’s Special Rib Eye: $69.99; Rib Eye: $45.99) or decoy pricing. While all these methods may…
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