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7 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Ready to hit the open road? Before you do, check out our budget-friendly road trip tips so you can set out in style and without breaking your budget! 1. Save on food costs  Here’s how to save on food costs during your road trip: Shop your local stores for staples before setting out. Get your…
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5 Discounts for Older Adults You May Not Know About

One of the many perks of advancing in years is scoring great deals on all kinds of purchases and expenses. Here are five places you may not already know about where older adults can save big money: 1. Amazon Prime Older adults who have valid EBT cards, or are on Medicaid, are eligible for Amazon…
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Grilling On A Budget: A BBQ That Won’t Break The Bank

Are you hosting a small cookout for the family this weekend? Compiling everything you need for a cookout can get expensive. Here are some handy tips to make your cookout the best it can be, on a budget and save where you can this summer. 1. Bakery outlet shopping Commercial bakeries make the same amount…
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7 Easy Ways to Give Your Kids A Financial Education

1. Take your kids with you on your next visit to Stark FCU. 2. Let them watch you balance your checkbook. 3. Show your kids how you pay your bills so they know that electricity, water, gas, phones and cable all cost money. 4. Give them a budget for an item they want, and let…
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