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Lawn-Care Scams Sprout up in Spring

Spring is here, and lawn-care scams are sprouting like mushrooms after rain. And unlike that brown spot in the grass, they’re not easy to see. Here’s what’s important to know about these scams and how to stay safe. How the scam plays out In a typical lawn-care scam, a company will target homeowners with ads,…
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If You Hear This, You’re Talking to a Tax Scammer

It’s tax season, and the scammers are at it again! Beat them at their game by knowing what to look out for. If you hear or see any of the following lines this tax season, you’re dealing with a scammer: 1. “We’re calling from the IRS to inform you that your identity has been stolen…
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Report Scams to the National Elder Fraud Hotline

With more and more older people becoming targets of scammers, the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office for Victims of Crime instituted the National Elder Abuse Fraud Hotline. This is meant for people to report fraud against anyone age 60 or older. A 2020 Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report says the most money lost in scams by older…
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Beware Romance Scams

With COVID-19 forcing more singles to connect online, America’s most expensive scam is on the rise. Romance scams are all over the internet and can be difficult to spot. Here’s what you need to know about these scams. How the scam plays out In a romance ruse, a scammer creates a bogus online profile and attempts to…
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