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Beware of Debt Relief Scams

Big debt can be a big beast. One that takes huge bites out of your budget and destroys any chance you might have at strong financial wellness. Unfortunately, scammers know this, so they target victims with debt relief scams. Here’s what you need to know about debt relief scams and how to avoid them. How…
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Beware of Sport Ticket Scams

Sport ticket scams can make the best game go foul. Here’s what to know about these scams and how to avoid them. How the scams play out In a sport ticket scam, a target clicks on an online ad to buy tickets to a live sporting event. They enter their info and choose seats. Next,…
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Don’t Get Caught up in a Tax Return Scam!

It’s tax season, and that means millions of taxpayers are prone to scammers, who are trying to pocket refunds that aren’t their’s. Here’s what to know about tax return scams and how to avoid them. How the scams play out In a tax return scam, a fraudster steals a taxpayer’s personal information and files a…
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Don’t Answer Calls from These Area Codes

Robocalls are the worst. Easily, one the most annoying inventions of the 21st century. Unfortunately, those phone calls can do a lot more than just disrupt dinner. Using sophisticated spoofing methods and dogged persistence, they can swindle unsuspecting targets out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, using nothing but a phone. Here’s what you…
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