Telephone access

Put your money "on the line," anytime, anywhere!

By using the keypad on your touch-tone phone, you can obtain information about any of your Stark Federal Credit Union accounts or perform basic transactions at your convenience.

Here's how:

  • Dial 330.493.3711
  • To go right to your account, PRESS 1, then enter your account number, followed by the "#".
  • Enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number. (If you do not know your PIN, call 330.493.8325 during office hours for further instructions.)

Welcome Menu

OPTION 1 - Share/Checking Information
OPTION 2 - Other Share Account Information
OPTION 3 - Loan Account Information
OPTION 4 - Transfer or Withdraw Funds
OPTION 8 - Change PIN

Share/Checking Information Menu

OPTION 1 - Current balance
OPTION 2 - Last 5 Transactions
OPTION 3 - Verify that a check has cleared
OPTION 4 - Last 5 checks that have cleared
OPTION 9 - Return to the previous menu