Cheap Vs. Expensive

Is it always smart to buy the least expensive item?

  • The cheapest item is likely to be the cheapest in quality as well. It may fall apart. It may not function as well as something that’s better made (and more costly). You might end up having to buy the more expensive item after all.
  • Buying the most expensive item isn’t always wise, either. Items may be “marked up” in price because of a brand name, even when the quality is the same as a less famous brand.
  • Compare items carefully, reading all labels and packaging. The cheaper version of medicine or toiletry may be very effective if it has the same active ingredients as the more expensive brand. On the other hand, an imitation fashion brand might be made of flimsier material or the seams might not be finished properly. Examine items closely and comparison shop. It is also wise to look up items online and read what other people say about them. If a less expensive item still gets a five-star rating from many people, it’s probably worth buying.

Don’t forget: You usually get what you pay for.