Happy Birthday!

You just had your birthday and your friends and family have all spoiled you, just like you deserve. Now you’re ready to treat yourself too! What if you treated yourself by putting that money into a savings account? Putting $5 away every time you receive a gift will allow you to feel much more confident in your financial situation because you have a cushion to fall back on.

For that matter, every time you’ve got a spare five, don’t spend it-save it! Set up a glass jar in a prominent place of your home and fill it with every $5 bill that lands in your wallet. It’s only five bucks at a time, but those savings will pile up fast! You can hoard hundreds of dollars this way, just by putting every $5 bill you’ve got into your jar.

How are you going to spend this extra cash? A last-minute vacation? That flat-screen TV you’ve been eyeing? It’s all within reach. Start saving your $5 bills today, and let your dreams come true!