Ways To Save On Gas

These are some ways that we have found preserve your gas and may help you save some cash in the long run:

1. Combine errands and trips

2. Service your car so it will stay at peak performance

3. Go lightly on the gas pedal

4. Don’t pump your brakes

5. Don’t idle for long periods of time

6. Don’t use drive-up windows. Instead, park and walk in

7. Empty the car and trunk of extra items

8. Put items in the trunk instead of on your roof

9. Drive 55 mph instead of 65 (you save 15%!)

10. Don’t use your air conditioning

11. Use your 5th gear whenever possible

12. Keep your tires properly inflated

13. Buy a Fuel Saver of some kind

14. Use the lowest octane gas

15. Don’t rev your engine