Access Your Money Sooner!

Receive your ACH payments up to two days earlier than the standard processing time for a small $1.00 fee for each transaction. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to your hard-earned money! 

With EarlyFunds*, you'll have the advantage of accessing your ACH direct deposit funds sooner, giving you a head start on managing your finances. While standard ACH deposits typically take time to process, our service accelerates the posting of your deposits, so you can get your hands on your money faster.

*By Signing up for Our EarlyFunds ACH Deposit service you will be assessed a processing fee of $1.00 per item processed. You agree to have ALL ACH deposits posted early, if available, and agree that individual ACH items may not be excluded. Early availability of direct deposits is not guaranteed and may vary from deposit to deposit. Availability is dependent on when we receive the payor's payment instructions.  Stark Federal may set limitations on the amount of early availability.  Stark Federal Credit Union does not have access to future pending ACH deposit information and recurring deposits may vary from deposit to deposit. Eligible direct deposits are limited to electronic direct deposits made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) to your personal account. Other deposits or credits to your account, such as deposits of funds from person-to-person payment services (e.g., Zelle®, Venmo, or PayPal transfers), check or mobile deposits, and other online transfers or electronic credits are not eligible for EarlyFunds.  Stark Federal Reserves the right to cancel the service at any time. You may opt out at any time by contacting us at 330-493-8325 and asking to have EarlyFunds removed.  

EarlyFunds FAQs

Q:  How does EarlyFunds allow me to get my money faster?

A:  EarlyFunds allows you access to your ACH deposits up to two days early of the scheduled payment date. 

Q: How do I enroll in EarlyFunds?

A: Log in to your online banking account and select the ‘EarlyFunds Form’ option along the left-hand side. Fill out and submit the form to authorize enrollment.
Alternatively, you can visit any of our branches and a helpful representative will sign you up.

Q: How long does it take to start seeing early payments?

A: Depending on your employer, it can take up to 30 days.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: You will be assessed a $1.00 EarlyFunds transaction fee for each ACH payment received.

Q: It’s been 30 days and I still am not seeing early payments, or sometimes a payment isn’t early.

A: Your employer could be processing payroll on the day of the payments.

Q: I have more than one direct deposit that posts to my account. Can I choose which deposit to post?

A: No, by enrolling all recurring ACH payments will default to EarlyFunds and each deposit will be assessed the $1.00 fee.  

Q: How can I opt out if I no longer want to utilize EarlyFunds?

A: Simply contact a friendly Stark Federal Credit Union representative at 330-493-8325 and ask for EarlyFunds to be removed.